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Sr.No. Name of the Author Title of the Paper Pg.No. PDF
01 Asma Arshi Rajo, More Sinned against than Sinning in, R.K Narayan’s The Guide 01-04 PDF
02 Aysha Swapna. K. A Caricatures of Afghani Ethnic Divide and Migrations in Marc Forster’s
The Kite Runner
05-09 PDF
03 Bishnu Prasad Gogoi Representation of Oedipus Complex in D. H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers 10-14 PDF
04 Dr. N. Johnson & R. Diane Joseph Ethical Value among Women Teacher Trainees in Puducherry 15-19 PDF
05 Kongkona Sarmah &
Ujjal Protim Dutta
Illegal Migration into Assam from Bangladesh: Causes and Consequences 20-28 PDF
06 Kritika Nanda An Account of Dickensian Whimsical Characters and their Revelation of Ugly Social Truths With Reference to Hard Times 29-32 PDF
07 Dr. Meena Kadyan Confrontation of Male Characters in Earnest Gaines’ The Sky is Gray, In My Father’s House and A Lesson Before Dying 33-40 PDF
08 Dr. Monika Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles as a Wessex Novel Which Shows the Role of Chance and Destiny in One’s Life 41-44 PDF
09 Muhammed Saleem. P. M. Paranoia as a Postmodern Condition in Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? 45-47 PDF
10 Dr. Ch. Sri Rama Murthy The Role of Human Resource Information System in Health Insurance: A Study of Rural People of Telangana State 48-52 PDF
11 Ram Naresh Patel Mechanics of Writing: Book Review 53-58 PDF
12 Raghavendra Nayak Eco-Divergence and Hybridization in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and A Man of the People 59-64 PDF
13 Rajib Bhaumik Dislocation and Rupture: The Ethno-Cultural Ecology of North Bengal 65-70 PDF
14 Rajinder Singh Pinki Virani's Aruna's Story: Recreating the Real Life 71-74 PDF
15 Rajkumar Halder Paul Morel: A Victim of Artistic Individuality in Sons and Lovers 75-80 PDF
16 Ranjeet Singh Representation of the Muslim Community in Chacha Chaudhary Comic Book Series 81-99 PDF
17 Renjith J. S. Organizational Commitment in Relation to Work Motivation among Secondary School Teachers 100-105 PDF
18 Dr. Sherly J. Joy Instructional Approaches to Teaching Writing Skills in an ESL Context 106-109 PDF
19 Sugata Samanta Jhumpa Lahiri's The Lowland: A Family Saga with a Political Perspective 110-116 PDF
20 Surbhi Saraswat Alternate Sexuality in Urban Space: Manjula Padmanabhan’s Morning Glory in the East of Kailash 117-122 PDF
01 Aasif Amin Magray Freedom I wish 123-124 PDF
02 Assoh Bernard Bem What Is Your Name 125 PDF
03 Balkaran Singh Sidhu Untitled 126-127 PDF
04 Chandra Shekhar Pal Justification of A Crime….. 128 PDF
05 Deepak Jose Vadakoot An Utopia 129 PDF
06 Dr. R. Karunambigai A Visitant 130 PDF
07 Parminder Singh The Good and the Evil 131 PDF
08 Dr. K. V. Raghupathi Father, I Never Asked You Anything More 132-136 PDF
09 Dr. Rajani Sharma Marriage: True and False 137-139 PDF
10 Ravi Naicker Riding Off Into the Sunset 140-141 PDF
11 Ruchi Chopra Hushed Silence 142 PDF
12 Mohammad Saad A Dirge for Dirge 143 PDF
13 Shreyansh Agrawal Be Like Me 144-146 PDF
14 Sunaina Jain Silence 147 PDF
15 Dr. Zeenath Mohamed Kunhi Autumn Haiku Chain 148 PDF
01 Ramil Jayson L Soriano Dear Diary 149-155 PDF
02 Ramesh Chandra Tiwari The Girl 156-161 PDF
Book Review
01 Dr. K. V. Raghupathi Water Please by P. Raja 162-163 PDF
02 Rajani Devi The One You Cannot Have by Preeti Shenoy 164-165 PDF
03 Prof. Rajeswar Pal Kinship with You: A Collection of Poems by Dr. Shalini Yadav 166-168 PDF
04 Dr. H. Ramakrishna & J. Khaja Mohinuddeen Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship by H. Nandan 169-171 PDF
05 D. Sandhu Canny and Decisive: Sita by Dr. Nandini Sahu 172-177 PDF
06 Dr. K.V. Raghupathi Dhoti and Other Poems by Dr. P.Raja 178-180 PDF
01 Dr. Ajit Kumar In Conversation with Patricia M. Terrell 181-183 PDF