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Aarti Sahu Dr. Sujata Rana

Ecocriticism: With its Indian Lineage 01-04 PDF
02 Ajay M. Jadhav & Dr.  M S Yathish Chandra Affiliate Marketing as an Innovative Campaign in e-commerce: A Field of Rising Opportunity 05-18 PDF
03 Basma Majid Sisterhood in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple 19-24 PDF
04 Dr. Divya Pandey Female Voices in Sudha Murty’s The Mother I Never Knew 25-33 PDF
05 Mushtaq Ahmad Ganai & Dr. A. P Pandey A Case of India and Iran, Political Relationship Since Gulf War to 2001 34-40 PDF
06 Gayatri Balakrishnan Creat-Eve: A Feminist Critique of the Genesis Tale 41-45 PDF
07 Dr. Kewal Krishan Gupta An LIVE -in –LAB visit to Devgain Village near Ranchi by MBA Students of Amrita School of Business, Ettimadai, Coimbatore-641112 46-52 PDF
08 Dr. Munthar Mohd. Habib Theory of Novel and Henry James 53-58 PDF
09 Jamashed Ansari A Survey of Intertextuality in Coetzee’s Elizabeth Costello 59-70 PDF
10 Julee Dutta Immigration, Language, Underdevelopment and Identity Crisis: A Reflective Analysis from the Perspective of Assam 71-80 PDF
11 Mitra Sannigrahi Yet Another Settlement? : Reading The Tempest in a Postcolonial World 81-85 PDF
12 Chithra Mohan Subversion, Rejection or Assimilation? The Emotional Dilemma of Expatriates as Portrayed in Shyamaprasad’s Movie English- an Autumn in London 86-89 PDF
13 Mohmmad Ashraf Najar Postmodernism and the Species Being: Terry Eagleton and Fredric Jameson on Human Nature 90-97 PDF
14 Nazia Rahman Conflict and Displacement: A Conspectus with special reference to Temsula Ao’s “These Hills Called Home:Stories from a War Zone” 98-100 PDF
15 Ghan Shyam Pal & Dharmendra Yadav The Representation of Subaltern 101-107 PDF
16 Pankaj Solanki ‘Samskara of Abandonment’ Is No More A Curse: A Study of Namita Gokhale’s Shakuntala: The Play of Memory 108-111 PDF
17 Dr. Rahul Mene Images Cut in Ebony: Black Women: Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and Sula 112-116 PDF
18 Dr. K. Shanmuga Sundra Raj Meena Alexander’s Nampally Road: A Critique of Social Protest 117-121 PDF
19 Dr. Rajib Bhaumik Globalization, Migration and Re-Location: Bharati Mukherjee’s Tiger’s Daughter 122-129 PDF
20 Reshma K Yaksha Woman, a Manifestation of Oedipus Complex: A Critical Reading of Nagamandala 130-135 PDF
21 Sameer Ahmad Shah Ordeal, Agony and Anxiety: Exploring the Pandit Exile through Our Moon Has Blood Clots 136-140 PDF
22 Samit Kumar Maiti Folk-consciousness in Tagore’s Gora: A Reading 141-145 PDF
23 Dr. Sandhya Tiwari A Critical Study of ESL and EFL Teaching Methodologies 146-154 PDF
24 Suresh Pandurang Patil Use of Fantasy in Suniti Namjoshi’s Aditi Adventures Series I: Unlikely Friends 155-159 PDF
25 Yogendra Pal Singh Solanki Agricultural Knowledge in Ancient India 160-176 PDF


01 Agith G Antony A Portrait 177-178 PDF
02 Arbind Kumar Choudhary World Poetry Day 179 PDF
03 Asmi Basu A Little Secret 180 PDF
04 Indu M.S. Reflection 181-182 PDF
05 Mothi Bai K S Fire 183-184 PDF
06 Pitambar Behera The Sail of Atman 185-186 PDF
07 Sanjay Kumar Thakur Life! 187-188 PDF
08 Dr. Abdullah Shaghi There You Are My Beloved: Part Two 189-192 PDF
09 Shyamal Roy You Need To 193-194 PDF
10 Balkaran Singh Sidhu Glory in the Arms of Summer 195 PDF


01 Dr. John Wesly The Watchers 196-198 PDF
02 Barsha Nayak The Sea 199-202 PDF

B O O K  R E V I E W

01 Jameel Ahmed Al-Ghaberi Review of David Damrosch’s “What is World Literature?” 203-206 PDF