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Sr. No. Name of the Author Title of the Paper Pg.No. Download
01 Dr. D. Adeppa Implementation and Impact of Mgnregs: A Study of Anantapuramu
District of Andhra Pradesh
01-18 PDF
02 Dr. Shibu Varghese & Ajay Kumar Articulating Subalterns: Do We Hear Phoolan’s Voice? 19-25 PDF
03 Aju Mukhopadhyay Ranu Uniyal’s Poetic Stories Weaved in Time 26-28 PDF
04 Anil Shrirang Awad Socio-cultural Evolution and Modifications in the Indian Society 29-35 PDF
05 Anju Bala Giving Voice to Voiceless: A Study of Dalit Literature 36-41 PDF
06 Annapoorna. L. R Revisiting the Cochin Jews: A Critical Reflection on Ruby Daniel’s
Ruby of Cochin: An Indian Jewish Woman Remembers
42-48 PDF
07 Ashique Rashul Loss of the Reader: Analysis of Spivak’s Translation of Mahasweta Devi’s
49-53 PDF
08 Nirmalya Biswas The White Bollywood: Portrayal of the Caucasian in Bollywood Films 54-58 PDF
09 T. S. Chithra ‘The Unthought Known’ in Jayne Anne Phillips’ Quiet Dell 59-62 PDF
10 Kalyan Das An Acoustic Study of the Vowels in Goalparia 63-69 PDF
11 Deepshikha Kumari Use of Symbolism in the Fiction of Anita Desai: A Psychoanalytic Study 70-80 PDF
12 Farah Afrin Theme of Evolution: Alice Walker’s The Color Purple and Monica Ali’s Brick Lane 81-85 PDF
13 Sambuddha Ghosh Marina Warner’s Indigo: Inverted ‘Myths of Unreason’ and the Paradox of Reviving Silenced Indigenous Voices 86-97 PDF
14 Hari Har Jnawali The Subversion of Authorial Intentionality and Ironic Complicity with Colonial Power in Bisham Sahni’s Tamas 98-105 PDF
15 Indulekha. C Rendering Resistance through Violence: Violence as a Survival Maneuver in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye 106-114 PDF
16 Dr. Parneet Jaggi Self-Alienation to Self-Adjustment: Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things and Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss 115-118 PDF
17 Jaya Srivastava Frame Analysis as a Tool for Studying the Behavior of the Journalists in Media Organizations 119-129 PDF
18 Kiranpreet Kaur Am I Heard? How does it Matter Anyways? 130-135 PDF
19 B.R. Madhu Shaker &
V. Rajendra Kumar Reddy
Use of ICT Tools (Mobile Phones) In Technology Dissemination: A Case Study with Farmers of Mahabubnagar District 136-146 PDF
20 Dr. Rajneesh Pandey Tendulkar’s Sakharam Binder: Psycho-Social Scrutiny of Male Domination and Violence 147-153 PDF
21 Parthasarathy N Competency Mapping of Employees 154-159 PDF
22 Anindya Sundar Paul &
Dr. Sri Krishan Rai
Rainbow Rising: Indian Novels from Its North-Eastern Part 160-170 PDF
23 Saba Parveen Orientalist Perception of India in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children 171-175 PDF
24 Dr. Sandhya Tiwari A Significant Commonality among Self Directed Teachers: A Spiritual Bent of Mind 176-180 PDF
25 Sangamitra Gowtham M J Role of Emotional Intelligence and Learning in Health Care Unit 181-186 PDF
26 Gowhar Ahmad Naik &
Satpal Singh
Afro-American Race and its Traumas 187-191 PDF
27 Sumana Biswas An Ecological Translation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest 192-202 PDF
28 Tahura Tariq Homelessness and Identity Crisis in Poetry of Tabish Khair 203-207 PDF
29 Tamali Bhattacharjee Re-Looking into the Romantic Skylark: A Study of Wordsworth and Shelley’s Skylark Poems 208-212 PDF
30 Wasia Christina Rossetti: Poetry and Devotion 213-218 PDF
01 Ayshia Stephenson Once Upon a Time in Vietnam 219-220 PDF
02 Bruce Colbert Soft Ice Cream 221-230 PDF
03 Deblina Hazra One Sunday 231-235 PDF
04 Ramesh Chandra Tiwari The Hermit and His Disciples 236-238 PDF
01 Arindam Banerjee A Jog through Mire 239-240 PDF
02 Balkaran Singh Sidhu A Treatise on Poetry 241-242 PDF
03 Farah Siddiqui O’ Father 243-244 PDF
04 Deblina Hazra The Temple of Light 245-246 PDF
05 Ojaswini Hooda On Narcissus 247 PDF
06 Ishfaq Manzoor Malik The Earth 248 PDF
07 Prabal J. Roddannavar That Never Counts 249-250 PDF
08 Shaheen Desire 251 PDF
09 Dr. Shaista Irshad Some Agonies Remain Evergreen 252 PDF
10 Satpal Singh Cycle of Life 253-254 PDF
01 Finitha Jose Asura: Tale of the Vanquished, The Story of Ravana and His People by Anand Neelakantan 255-257 PDF