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March 2015 copy

C O N T E N T S 

Sr.No.  Name of the Author Title of the Paper PageNo. PDF
01 Abhishek Sarkar The Wings of Change: An Attempt to Trace the Change of Spirit of Age with Reference to Birds in English Poems 01-04 PDF
02 Md. Chand Ali Rampant Corruption in Indian Education, Politics and Love
in Chetan Bhagat’s Revolution 2020
05-15 PDF
03 Gurwinder Kaur & Dr. Anshu Raina Sufferings and Exploitations in Lynn Nottage’s Ruined 16-22 PDF
04 Bhave Atul Vijay Analytical Study of E-Banking with Special Reference to Mokhada Tehsil of Palghar District 23-34 PDF
05 Avijit Pramanik A Quest for Self: Re-interpreting Padmini in Karnad’s Hayavadana 35-37 PDF
06 S. Gomathi Sugarcane Symbol in The Women of Brewster Place 38-42 PDF
07 Hamna Mariyam The Post Racial Racism 43-47 PDF
08 K. Jaisingh New Frontiers in Language Teaching-Learning Methodologies:
Some Speculative Ideas
48-54 PDF
09 Jashobanta Roy Re-visiting Tagore’s Thoughts on Economic and Rural Development 55-59 PDF
10 Dr. Manju Jain, Dr. Pooja Pasrija  & Neha Adjustment among Students of D.Ed.: An Imperative Study 60-68 PDF
11 Mehvish Syed &
Arshed Irshad
Caught in the Myth: A Portrayal of American Males in Sam Shepard’s Family Dramas 69-72 PDF
12 Nirjharini Tripathy Matter of Chance or Choice: Transformed Destinies in David Malouf’s Ransom 73-84 PDF
13 Dr. Nisha Venugopal Identity Construction in Canadian Native Writing: A Study of Lee Maracle’s Sundogs 85-91 PDF
14 Rajeswari S.P An Analysis of Advertising Appeals of Nondurable Products in Television Medium 92-99 PDF
15 Samra Saeed A Study on Usage of Greek Mythology in the Harry Potter’s Series 100-103 PDF
16 Sananda Roy The Poetry of Arun Kolatkar: The Vision of an Experimentalist 104-113 PDF
17 Sarfaraz Nawaz Delineation of Indian Reality in Raag Darbari and The White Tiger 114-120 PDF
18 Shabir Ahmad Para Relative Effectiveness of ‘General line Teachers’ and ‘Rehbar-e-Talim Teachers’ in Jammu and Kashmir 121-128 PDF
19 E.Venkata Sivareddy Impact of Globalization on Social Sector 129-135 PDF
20 Tamil Selvan. C English Language and Literature Adapts Different Aids in Teaching: A Study 136-138 PDF
01 Ajit Kumar Kullu Her Last Moments 139 PDF
02 Muhammad Ajmal Emotional Blackmailing 140 PDF
03 Amir Bashir Shera Hopeless Hope 141 PDF
04 Kousik Adhikari A Little Bit of Woman 142 PDF
05 Sarfaraz Nawaz Celebration 143 PDF
06 Pitambar Behera The Burning Souls 144-145 PDF
07 Swadhin Shaktiprasad Graveyard of my dreams.. 146 PDF
08 Deepak Jose Vadakoot Nostalgia 147 PDF
01 Arunabha Ghosh 4 + 1 148-151 PDF
02 Jason Constantine Ford Thirty Three Years and Thirty Three Days 152-163 PDF
03 Mohammad Ehsanul Islam Khan The Last Tears 164-166 PDF